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About Thailand Bangwatti Tour Company Limited:
Thailand Bangwatti Tour Company Limited is a professional travel company specializing in Thailand tourism, Thailand independent travel, Thailand self-guided tour and Thailand quality tourism.
Our company directly contacts the global people who want to travel to Thailand, skips the link of travel agency, and allows you to spend less money and enjoy better service!
1.Thai tour guides
2.The air ticket business
3.The hotel business
4.The car rental business
About Thailand Tourism:
At present, many people around the world have chosen to travel to Thailand. Thailand's customs and its charming and beautiful scenery have attracted more and more people to travel.

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หน้าที่ความรับผิดชอบ :

To reply to queries from oversea travel agents
Negotiate with the hotel supplier for the best rate to materialize queries from overseas .
Coordinate with the reservation team to confirm booking
Taking care of customer service including handling queries and complaints.
Arranged tours, hotel bookings and making the appropriate schedules for the passengers.


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