Ensogo Company Limited

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The Company

Our company name ‘Ensogo’ is derived from the words Entertain, Social, and Go. Ensogo.com offers deals for 50-90% off on services and products and we guarantee the best value for our members. Our goal is to find unique and interesting things for our online members to do, see, eat, and buy around their city. We work closely with the local businesses to create attractive deals for our online members to enjoy. Ensogo is a win-win for everyone because our members get great deals, local businesses gain new customers, charities receive donations, and we get a success fee.

Our vision is to pioneer social commerce, inspired by social responsibility. Our mission is to drive our endeavors through the support and empowerment of our colleagues. We empower our colleagues to create their own destiny with integrity and social responsibility in their actions. We work hard, enjoy what we do, and want to work with the right people to create a great company. Ensogo, through strategic partners currently operate in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and soon to launch in other Southeast Asian countries.

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  • Ensogo Company Limited
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    เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500
  • Tel : 026305111
  • Fax : 022385415
  • Website : http://www.ensogo.co.th