K.M.L. Technology Co., Ltd.

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K.M.L Technology Co., Ltd., under Kumwell brand since 1999 is a manufacturer of completed grounding and lightning protection system with quality to complying with IEC and UL standards. We have distributed Kumwell products in Thailand and export over 40 countries for power plant, substation, solar pant, transmission line, oil & gas, telecommunication, railway, sky train, subway, high speed train, and buildings. We are expanding our business to provide total solutions covering:
- Lightning detection and location,
- Completed grounding and lightning protection system
- Monitoring Grounding and Lightning system
- Type test laboratory
- R&D
Kumwell brand have provided in house and outside seminar, training, technical servicefor designers, consultants, contractors, and project owners on how to design, install and use Kumwell products correctly and safely. We also participate in exhibitions to ensure the awareness of Kumwell products. We are searching for an International Business Development Executive to join our vision to grow our business in ASEAN and around the world.

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  • K.M.L. Technology Co., Ltd.
  • K.M.L. TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. [Kumwell]
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  • Website : http://www.kumwell.com