Litech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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Established in 1999, Advanced Network Solutions Sdn Bhd has developed a successful synergy between the evolving global telecommunication requirements and innovative technical solutions with our proudly presented brand – LITECH.

We are offering a wide range of comprehensive products including:
- Fiber Optics
- Coaxial
- RF, Baluns
- Voice & Data
- Racking System
- DDF solutions.

With our in-house designing expertise and manufacturing facilities, we are capable of offering customized products as well as competent in developing more functional and superior products.

All Litech products are manufactured with superior quality which meets international standards. We successfully obtained ISO:9001:2000 to show our commitment toward quality. We also obtained approval from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) from USA for structured cabling products as well as approvals from local authorities such as SIRM and Telekom Malaysia for many telecommunications products.Litech products have also abtained approvals from operators in many differents countries.

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