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Humanica Ltd

In response to the increase in public concern on the independence of auditors, in 2003. PricewaterhouseCoopers Thailand (operating under PricewaterhouseCoopers Risk Management Services Limited) has reached a decision to discontinue those business units that provide services relating to software design/implementation, IT and business process outsourcing

With regard to this, Mr.Soontorn Dentham, the lead partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Risk Management Services Limited at that time, has decided to set up a separate legal entity, Humanica Limited, to carry on those businesses, As the result, the service team, including necessary operating assets, intellectual properties and a number of experienced staff, were transferred to Humanica Ltd. We are now having more than 90 experts provided services in relation to ERP implementation; human resource management; and business intelligence and corporate performance management.

ERP Solutions

We help our customers to implement ERP software for enhancing their competitiveness, We expert in SAP Business One, which is one of the world ERP systems with a full integrated modules e.g. finance and accounting, inventory management, production management, customer relationship management. We assist our customers from end-to-end processes. Our services include system design, project management, program training and strong after sell services.

We also can assist our customers to modify the solution to fit for their specific industry requirements. The add-on solutions include VAT and Withholding tax module, fixed asset management and purchasing module. With our extensive experience in assisting more than 100 organization nationwide, we believe that we can help our customers to implement and filly utilize the ERP solution effectively

Human Resource Management Solutions

We currently provide a full range of human resource management service i.e. pay roll and HR outsourcing and HR system

Payroll Outsourcing Services – Include payroll and relevant tax submissions, bonus management and other forms of payment packages our customers provide to their staff.

Our HR specialists have extensive experience in HR and business processes. Out team has been professionally trained to work on sophisticated and specific HR requirements to provided the most efficient solutions to our Customers. We can handle both small and large scale of employees. At Humanca, data security system is always our system to protect our customers HR data. We also have a data center and backup site which comply with international data security standards.

HRM System Implementation – Our HR specialist provide full range of advices to customers in relation to HRM system. We provide HR best practice solutions which have a capability to integrate with customers’ ERP systems. We have applied advance technology that will be flexible for further technology changes. Our HRM system enables the management to plan, manage and monitor their HR function effectively with regard to high internal control and compliance standards.

Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management System

We have realized that all organizations need to improve their analytical capability to maintain their competitive advantages in the fast changing business environment, business decisions must be undertaken in a timely and effectively manner to make sure their business values will be enhanced. Humanica together with one of the world leading business intelligence software provides, BOARD MIT, provide information management solutions in relations to enhancing business intelligence capability to our customers. Our solution is easy to use for all user levels

The BOARD software also integrates corporate performance management (CMP) features in one single package. The CPM capabilities include business planning and forecast; budgeting, profitability modeling and optimization; scorecards; financial consolidation and statutory and financial reporting. With this filly integrated architecture, we believe that our customers can perform in-dept business analysis and performance management functions more effectively at a more reasonably cost.


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