IWICA Co. Ltd.

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IWICA- Indo Western Institute of Cultural Arts, was founded in 2005 with the objective of bringing together the best of all Eastern and Western cultural education and arts to children to enjoy while developing their creativity, imagination, personality, and overall growth. IWICA is the first chess school in Asia accredited by Ministry of Education. The courses are teached by experienced and qualified Chess Masters. IWICA had taught more than 3000 students since 2008.

IWICA Education Services is one-of-a-kind service that allows us to provide a complete educational system to improve your mind and life strategies. In 2012, IWICA Activity Center started with the true concept of bringing the best of education. It offers courses like Dance, Yoga, Computers, Languages, and many more aside from chess. In 2013, it took new step and founded IWICA ROBOTICS School. At present IWICA robotics programs are run in around 10 International Schools in Bangkok. In 2014, IWICA center became all-in-center in which children can learn while their parents are working. In 2015, IWICA opened more centers on Bangkok and open a very first center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Not only do we train teachers, but we also provide the curriculums and tools for the education and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to support children in learning important life skills. We offer various opportunities for students to succeed as they consider the type of university they wish to attend.

Overall, IWICA Educational Service provide the most convenient and up-to-date resources for everyone. Up to the present IWICA is now operating 7 centers and provides ECA to more than 20 leading international schools in Thailand. In IWICA learning and improving your mind, skills, arts and knowledge is limitless!

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